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BIODIVERSITY describes biological diversity, such as the diversity of species.*
CARBON FOOTPRINT is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by the activities of a person, organization, event, service, or area. It includes direct emissions, such as those that result from fossil-fuel combustion in, for example, transportation. It also includes indirect emissions required to produce the electricity needed for the provision of goods and services.

CLIMATE CRISIS describes the consequences of global warming due to the heavy CO2 emissions of specific countries. The increasing occurrences of droughts or floods have already been noticeable for years, especially for countries in the GLOBAL SOUTH.**

COMMON GOOD is something that belongs to or is shared by all (like clean air and water). Doing something for the common good means doing it for the benefit of all people in a society.

DIGITAL means characterized by electronic and especially computer


DIGITALITY is the condition of living in a world in which DIGITAL technology plays an important role.

FAKE NEWS is false or misleading news or stories created presented as news to deliberately misinform or deceive readers. Fake news is often created to influence people for political reasons.

GLOBAL NORTH/GLOBAL SOUTH describe the different position of countries in the global political and economic order. They are not geographic terms.

Global South describes countries and places in a disadvantaged social,
political, and economic position in the global system. Global North,  on the other hand, defines an advantaged, privileged position.*


GOOD LIFE FOR ALL is a concept that describes the solidarity-based coexistence of all people in respectful interaction with the environment. It represents an alternative concept to Western development models which focus on economic growth and material prosperity. The concept is based on the philosophy of Buen Vivir of the indigenous cultures of the Andean countries in Latin America.*

INTERNET is a global network of interconnected computers, servers, phones, and smart appliances that communicate with each other to enable a fast exchange of information and files, along with other types of services.

MINING is the industry or activity of extracting minerals and other materials from the surface of the earth.

* Cited from and/or based on the publications by the I.L.A. Collective: “At the expense of others? How the imperial mode of living prevents a good life for all” (2019) and “Das Gute Leben für Alle” (The Good Life for All) (2019)
** Based on the #YoungMuseum texts of the Grassi Museum of Ethnography Leipzig.

MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION is a large corporation that produces or sells goods or services in more than one country besides its home country.

NATURAL RESOURCES are materials or substances created in nature that are or can be used by humans.

ORE is natural rock or sediment that contains one or more valuable minerals.

PLANETARY BOUNDARIES are the ecological limits of the environment that must be observed in order to prevent human-made crises such as the CLIMATE CRISIS, species extinction, or water shortages.*

PROTEST is a public gathering organized by a group of people or a community to express their demands or their dissatisfaction with a current issue in their society. At protests people often carry signs or shout out slogans to communicate their ideas or demands.

TRANSNATIONAL means operating across national boundaries; involving
many countries.

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